My dogs

MADERA (PLJCH PLCH LTCH MADERA Z Jurajskiego Zamku) - charming striped daughter of Bromba and Kapsel, she got the beauty and the temperament from parents, is already successes on the boxing ring of the obedience and at exhibitions

BROMBA (PLCh BROMBA LisiePysie) - solicitous nanny of my son, lovely cuddly, loves to hug, but gadabout. When she was young I have many problems with her - she tried to bite everything and everybody and run away whenever  she could. Now she is good and sweet – favorite of everyone.

VIKI (C.I.B. PLJCh PLCh SKCH LTCH UNIKATKA FEST Virgo Vestalis) - delightful red striped, cheerful bitch with the sports flair, loving the entire world

KAPSEL (PLCh Fest AXEL) – a very beautiful dog with fine character and sport passion – agility and frisbee are made just for him. He is very well-behaved and smart – sometimes I think, that he reads my mind.  Just perfect dog.

MASHA (HUJCH MASHA Stajnia Magia) - joyfull girl, full of energy, focused on human

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