Dogs training

Before you buy a dog, the future owners  should realize, that having a dog it’s not only a joy and advantage, but also many duties and expenses. Besides  feeding, water, walking and veterinary care you have to satisfy another dog’s needs, which are different  dependtly on breed, age and dog’s predispositions. You have to educate and train your dog, it cannot make problems and hazards for you, your family and other people.

The easiest and quickest way to train a dog is to start work with puppy. The older dogs already know how to pull a leash, jump on people, run away an so on and here the training is relies to unlearn from bad habits. That is why I prefer to start training  3-months old puppies. Thanks to good training methods the time of learning is pleasant for dog and it’s owner – collectively playing and working they build strong relationship and trust.

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